Becoming a member is easy.  By becoming a member of CCJ you are joining a growing company of people who support Jewish/Christian dialogue, address racism and antisemitism and also share the richness of their own faith tradition.

How do I become a member?

You can become a member by printing and completing our Membership form which can be sent back to: CCJ, 21 Godliman Street, London, EC4V 5BD

Membership Form

What are the benefits of becoming a member?

Single/Joint Membership

  • Single Membership: £20 per year
  • Joint Membership: £30 per year
  • Student Membership: £10 per year

CCJ has a number of Branches across the UK. The Branches hold regular social and educational evenings, making a contribution to the local Christian and Jewish Communities. Membership would entitle you to:

  1. Join your local branch, where you can tackle important issues at local level. Your membership, whether you join a branch or not, will go to supporting our activities nationally.
  2. Receive our award-winning magazine, Common Ground twice yearly.
  3. Receive our Dialogue Newsletter and updates.
  4. Be part of a growing number of people committed to fighting anti-Semitism and xenophobia in our communities.
  5. The satisfaction of belonging to the UK's leading interfaith organisation.

Why not become a Friend?

  • Single Friend: £150 per year
  • Joint Friends: £250 per year

The Friends of CCJ are entitled to all the benefits of a Single or Joint membership. In addition a Friend will be entitled to:

  1. Attendance at a special “Friends of CCJ” event. 
  2. Invitations to events organised by National CCJ.

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership: £60 per year

This is open to organisations/companies, churches, synagogues and schools who would like to support the work of CCJ. As a Corporate Member of CCJ, your organisation will be entitled to all the benefits of a single or joint membership (see above). You will also be able to select a representative to attend important CCJ events, and will be able to have prime advertising space in Common Ground, distributed to our subscribers.